Is Phentremine The Ultimate Phentermine Alternative?

About Phentremine

Phentremine is an over the counter imitator of prescription Phentermine. There are quite a few, but it is one of the most popular and can be brought up in a search with a simple typo. It is otherwise known as Phentremine-X, and is currently known as Phentremine Civ-xR. The only difference is whether you spend $50 or $78.93. Phentremine also uses a “free trial offer” to pull consumers into an expensive auto ship program.

How Does Phentremine Work?

Phentremine works by essentially using a lot of caffeine as well as hyped up ingredients like hoodia gordonii that don’t actually work to draw you in so that you think you are getting the right effects. Heart palpitations and other side effects have been reported with Phentremine depending on the user of course. But various side effects are common and results are not.

Hoodia gordonii- hoodia gordonii cannot be found outside South Africa, because it’s illegal to export. In addition, every clinical study has shown that there was no statistically significant difference between the test and placebo groups.

Citrus aurantium- a popular alternative to ephedra, science is still out as to its benefits. But it has been known to cause many of the side effects associated with caffeine as well as heart palpitations, heart attack, stroke, and seizures.

Senna- a common diuretic

Caffeine- known to stimulate an increased heart rate and thermogenic effect, it only lasts so long in its fat burning capabilities, but keeps causing side effects.

Evodiamines- evodiamines have been known to block and get rid of fat cells to some degree, but only in high amounts

Alpha lipoic acid- a powerful antioxidant, it has not actually been connected to weight loss.

White willow extract- another name for natural aspirin, it reduces pain and inflammation, but does not promote weight loss.

Yohimbe extract- it has been used as a sexual stimulant for men in some cases. But it has no proven capacity in sexual stimulants or weight loss. it has however been connected to cases of heart attack, stroke, liver failure, and kidney damage.

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