Side Effects of Phentermine

August 31st, 2009

With all of the diet pills on the market now, there is one you can get by prescription.  It’s called Phentermine.  I would not recommend this pill to anyone.  Although Phentermine is in fact FDA approved there are many scary factors to this pill.  It cannot be taken with any other diet pills, as the interactions between the two can cause lung failure.  Phentermine can impair your ability to think clearly.  It is considered very addicting as it closely related to Amphetamine. 

Phentermine can only be taken for a few weeks maximum. While you are taking Phentermine you need to be closely monitored by your doctor. Also if you experience any of the side effects you have to call you doctor immediately.  There is a long list of side effect and drug interactions.  Many of the drug interactions result in vital organ damage or failure. As with most diet pills you cannot drink alcohol. You cannot just stop taking Phentermine.  You have to talk to your doctor about being slowly weaned off the medication.  Once you have stopped taking the medication there is a still possibility that you will experience withdrawals from the medication.  In my personal opinion this medication is not safe for use.