Does ExtenZe Increase Penis Size?

December 4th, 2009

Does ExtenZe increase penis size?  Like many other male enhancement products, they claim that they do.  They claim to enhance the function and size and otherwise give you a better sexual experience, and many would say that obviously, size does matter.  After all, we make fun of men for taking steroids for exactly that reason, even though many would say we are mistaken in our conceptions thereof.  Anyway, there are plenty of other ideas that people have about the penis, including that you can get “penile muscle enhancers” as some are so aptly names.  There are no “muscles” per say in the penis.  An erection has to do with blood flow, big difference.  ExtenZe and products just take advantage of those misconceptions.

As far as size, basically speaking, it’s predetermined by genetics.  So you aren’t likely to enhance penis size with natural ingredients or otherwise.  You obviously can’t stimulate muscles that are not there.  That would just be silly.  But enhancing and improving erections would be a perfectly legitimate claims if you used the right ingredients.  Obviously, the way to do that would be to increase blood flow and therefore increase blood flow to the extremities as well, and you could do that with something like caffeine to a certain extend.  But of course, I would recommend using more than that, because caffeine obviously doesn’t do much of the job.

But of course they don’t even do that.  Frankly speaking, many of their ingredients are completely wasted, and the ones that aren’t don’t have anywhere near the right amounts.  So basically speaking, ExtenZe is not worth your time or money.

So how do you find a better product that will actually show you the results that you can get from products?  How do you enhance erections and improve the sexual experience, keep in mind increasing the size of parts is unlikely?  You use the right products with the right ingredients.  You use products like Orexis that actually have everything that you scientifically speaking need as well as the positive customer reviews you really should be looking for.